I’ve been making spoons now for a little over a year and along the way have made some pretty awful ones and some that I love to bits. The other day at spoonclub (don’t laugh!) with a few friends I made a little tea spoon out of a bent bit of rhododendron from Cherrywood and have since been using it to make my coffee : )

Rhododendron tea spoon

 It’s based on a Swedish style of spoons with a little hook at the back traditionally used to stop ladles falling in the pan, but this one sits nicely on the side of my coffee maker : ) It makes a lovely addition to my tea/coffee making set . .

 Creating stuff, whatever it is, is always something to be proud of but for me  making an object that combines functionality with good aesthetics is so much more satisfying. This is especially true when I’ve set out to make an item to serve a certain purpose, its more time consuming but it’s definitely more fun than IKEA!

Here’s some other things that have made it into my kitchen . . .

Silver birch serving spoon

Two spatulas made from Sycamore. The one on the left is left-handed so i’ve kept that one for me and given the other to my friend Ostins.

A few eating spoons made from Cherry and Sycamore

Swedish style spreaders