So this is it, a blog!

I never thought that I would want one, let alone need one, but as I seem to be making more and more things for myself and others I feel there is a need for me to have a point of reference on the internet. At least when people and friends ask me what I have been up to I can just point them in this direction and not just say i’ve been making spoons and stuff (usually followed my sniggers and crude spoon jokes!)

So after nearly a month of faffing around i’ve finally started to post some stuff on here, the idea is to share what I have been up to, who i’ve met and things I have learnt and found interesting all relating somewhat to traditional crafts and practices. You never know I might even be able to sell some bits and pieces!

I hope sincerely that I will not bore you to death but will be enjoyable to read occasionally, even if your not really interested in some of the things I write about : )